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Imagen de MultiSIM
Approval level: 55%
Updated : 2010-01-28
Downloads this week: 2.189
Times recommended: 0
Category: Home and Entertainment
SubCategory: Science / Education
Type: Shareware
Size: 189.030kb.
Language: Program in English or Multilanguage   

"An extraordinary tool for creating simulations of electronic circuits."

MultiSIM is an extraordinary and professional tool developed for creating simulations of electronic circuits, and it comes equipped with all the material and components you need.

It is hard to summarize the functions offered by MultiSIM as it has so many tools and features: a multitude of electronic components (transistors, cables, osciloscope, amperemeter, distorters, distinct intensity feeds, circuitry, multimeter, voltmeter, etc), different sized schematic diagrams, automatic error location in the electrical design, minute preanalysis of the designs to get better efficiency and optimization to achieve lower costs, more than 180,000 users connected around the world to exchange information, doubts, etc.

Also, part of the already designed electronics can be reused in other designs. MultiSIM lets you add notes on the circuits, hierarchically design, it has a frequency controller, spectrum analyser, temperature bars, etc.

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